Thesaurus Thursday

I love to learn new words. I see them in the books I'm reading, in the tweets I'm receiving and the work I'm reviewing.  And even if I've seen a word and understand it's meaning, I don't always know synonyms and the like.  I'd like to officially dedicate Thursdays to the pursuit of enriching my vocabulary.  Learn! Grow! Speak!
Today's word, ineffable, is a favorite of mine. It seems to roll off the tongue. Ineffable, an adjective, which can mean: 1. incapable of being expressed in words, syns. indescribable, unspeakable; or, 2. not to be uttered, syn: taboo.
What I would say: Often times, it's an ineffable procress, trying to explain a novel's significance to me; my audience would never understand. 

What are your suggestions?  Let's have some fun with it!

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