Thesaurus Thursday

I was really looking forward to the content I was going to be able to provide today after attending last night's lecture at the Atlanta History Center featuring Jonathan Safran Foer.  Sadly, an appointment I had ended up exceeding the allocated time and I didn't get out until after the lecture had already started.  I'm not really upset that I paid for the ticket and didn't go; I'm upset because I had been anticipating the event for weeks, looking at my calendar, counting down the days. My new mission is to find someone that did attend the lecture and persuade them to provide a guest post...wish me luck!  This weekend has so much in-store for me that it's hard to be too down about missing Foer speak.  Check out the events going on this weekend at the AJC-Decatur Book Festival if you haven't already. 

So it's finally Thursday.  I love Thursdays because I love the fun-filled weekends that constitute my routine and because Thursday is really close to Friday, and Friday's kind of like a weekend day... well, you get it!  So here we go: I've pulled many words from my ARC of All is Forgotten, Nothing is Lost by Lan Samantha Chang which I'm currently reading.  I'll be providing a review of this eloquently crafted novel the day of it's release, September 27th. 
Today's word: Redolent.

Redolent: Adjective, 15th century. 1. exuding fragrance : AROMATIC. 2. A: full of a specified fragrance : SCENTED. B: EVOCATIVE, SUGGESTIVE.

What I might say: Thanksgiving nostalgia prompts a longing for the redolent aroma of pumpkin pie and roasted sweet potatoes. 

Fall is around the corner: my favorite time of year. What sensations/memories does Fall evoke for you?


  1. Fall evokes memories of driving up GA 400 to Dahlonega and spending nights in the deafening silence of the mountains. And trips to get pumpkins that never get carved.

  2. Those are wonderful memories, Justin. Thanks :)


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