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Better late than never:  Thanksgiving was a success.  It's passed us by and now you can't escape the red and green and choir of Christmas hymns over the loud speakers.  Happy Holidays!  While I didn't engage in the madness of black Friday, I did make a trip that evening to the local Salvation Army, where I lucked out and picked up a super cheap copy of John Banville's The Sea, which I've been desiring for ages!  As well as, this beautiful little ceramic-jug-turned-flower-pot.

Total spent: $3.00

You would think I've purchased enough books.  And I probably have.
But.  I made a stop at the used book store up the street the following day.

More Thrifty Book Finds:

Remember when I went on and on about my regrets of not purchasing a beautiful copy of Willa Cather's O Pioneers!?  You must. To refrain from sharing my excitement, I'll just mention that they had that cloth covered edition just waiting there for me.  

While I continued to browse, I also found a copy of This House of Sky, another anticipated read about life in the Midwest.  
Top those finds with 30% off each book in the store upon purchase and you've got a serious find!

Total Spent: $7.13 

This will likely be the last thrifty book finds for the rest of the year.  Holiday shopping awaits and buying books for myself, while thrifty, must be cut out.  Hope you're finding great deals for yourself and for all those loved ones! 

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  1. I need to read more Willa Cather. It looks like you got a great deal!


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