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Seven or so months ago J mentioned that he was interested in starting a blog (yes, J, I'm sharing this little story you so love to tell).  I was largely unfamiliar with the blogging community, believing with unfounded certainty that it was just another way for people to serve their mostly self-righetous needs.  I teased him, but I also supported his decision, and quickly realized the value of such work.  Sadly, he had to abandon the project due to more pressing obligations.  But, after watching him play around on WordPress and helping him brainstorm sentence formation in particular posts, I decided that I would create a blog about books.  And, so, here we are.

This weekend I was delighted to discover that Lorren at The Story Girl awarded me the Stylish Blog Award. This means so much coming from a blogger who's content thoroughly analyzes a given text and prompts generous discussion! This truly brightened my day.  Thanks, Lorren!

Upon acceptance, I am required to pass the honor along, as well as list seven tidbits of information about myself.

Blogs that I'd like to pass this award to:

Emily at Eat the Books is pretty amazing.  Her recent move to a new space left me completely envious and dreaming that my blog looked as elegant and bright as hers does.  Furthermore, Emily's interest in feminism/feminist literature is something we have in common.  Her reviews are honest, and she offers tons of resources to accompany each review (a jackpot for research geeks like me).

Again, I'm pretty new to the blogging community, but I recently found Brenna of Literary Musings blog through twitter.  Brenna's blog has a great layout (and she recently introduced me to an awesome photo editing program that's helped me change mine a bit), and always has highly entertaining and intelligent content.  I can always count on adding a book or two to my TBR list after I've read a review on her site. 

Check these two out if you haven't already. 

Here are seven facts that you might not deduce from reading this blog:

1. I graduated from Georgia State University in 2008, with a Bachelor of Art in Speech, and a minor in Cultural Anthropology.

2. During my senior year, I was nominated to present in the GSU Undergraduate Research Conference, where I discussed research I conducted on the detrimental effects of gender advertising in the fast food industry, entitled: Supersizing Gender: An Ethnographic Perspective of Fast Food Advertising

3. I absolutely love The Beatles.  Three years ago, I traveled to Liverpool while visiting England with my brother.  Yeah,  that's love. :)

4. I have three younger brothers.  And I was strongly outnumbered.

5. I followed my desire to travel outside of the United States following high school, traveling to Holland, England, Ireland and Costa Rica on multiple occasions in the past five years.  I have endless plans for future travels, including a road tour of the northeastern United States this fall.   

6. Boutique bakeries/ small vegetable and fruit markets/ independent book stores are my three most favorite places to stop on the road. Or anywhere, really!

7. After high school, I had a mildly threatening/ ridiculously frightening car accident that convinced me to do without for nearly four years.  Not driving in Atlanta, by the way, is quite a remarkable feat and mostly uncommon.  Thanks to my feet, an unreliable transporation system and a road bike, I managed to survive, and developed an even stronger sense of independence. Furthermore, I realize, with urgency, the need for effective modes of alternative transportation in metropolitan areas like Atlanta. MARTA, running one of the largest non-state funded transportation systems in the US, is severly lacking.

Thanks, again!


  1. The 7 things you listed are so interesting. I love The Beatles too. Have you ever seen the movie Across the Universe?

  2. I loved Across the Universe when I initially saw it; although, when I viewed it again recently I found it a little cheesy. I adore the soundtrack though! Beatles fandom aside, Liverpool was an incredibly beautiful and booming city. I don't think I've ever done so much shopping!

  3. Beth,

    I am also commenting to tell you about my obsession with The Beatles! haha. I've loved them ever since my parents showed me video of John, Paul, George and Ringo on the Ed Sullivan show when I was a little boy (obviously many, many years after the fact.)

    There is always some connection in my mind between The Beatles work and great fiction. (The same holds true, for me at least, about Bob Dylan's music.)

    Anyway, cool to find another thing in common! So glad you started this blog (which inspired my own.)


  4. Ok I was going to tell you to get the soundtrack! The movie is fun but the soundtrack is what makes it amazing. I had it on shuffle for 3 months straight after I bought it.

  5. Brent-

    My parents love to tell a story about the first time they played The Beatles "Twist and Shout" for me. Apparently, I had a plastic guitar that I loved to carry around. When the song came on I dropped to my knees, threw the guitar behind my head and pretended to play! :0 It's been a love affair ever since.

    I'm glad you started your own; it's very interesting. We should start a book swapping circle! Think about the suggested titles we'd send and receive! Haha.

    Thanks for commenting!

  6. Beth,

    With our shared history of recommended books (and assumed sizes of our respective libraries), you and I alone would put book swapping websites out of business!

    I plan on coming to the Atlanta area sometime this spring to go booking (book-hunting) with my girlfriend. I'll letcha know when I'm coming so you can point me in the right direction.


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