Ten Books Collecting Dust

Even though I've already made one post today about my amazingly cheap finds at the thrift store down the street, I couldn't resist this week's Top Ten Tuesday meme from The Broke and the Bookish

Today's topic: ten books you just had to have that are still patiently awaiting your grasp in the TBR pile; which, for me, are being piled dangerously on the top of the already crowded shelving unit. 

In no particular order here's my list of ten books I need to read (soon):

1. Possession- A.S. Byatt

4. Dead Souls- Nikol Gogol

5. The Sea- John Banville

6. The Book Thief-  Mark Zusak

7. The Year of the Flood- Margaret Atwood

8. The Glass Castle- Jeannette Walls

9. Rebecca- Daphne Du Maurier

10. About Grace- Anthony Doerr

Titles in bold denote books that will be read for the Classics Challenge.  Those in italics are gifts I've received and a source of shame for not having been read sooner.


  1. "possession" is one i've had sitting around a while, too...a.s. byatt being one of countless authors i want to get into and think i would like, but have never tried beyond a few short stories.

    "the book thief" is great, though...i hope you read it soon!

    -- ellen

  2. great list! you really should get to "The Book Thief" I loved it. I've got The Glass Castle on my list too. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  3. I wasn't too impressed with Possession, but The Book Thief and Rebecca are two great novels.

  4. Beeeeeeth - read possession PLEASE you will love it! Also Rebecca.

  5. Ellen, I feel the same way. Maybe we should plan some kind of reading challenge together- later in the year?!

    Kaye, I've heard The Book Thief is amazing from the majority of individuals I've spoken with regarding the novel. It's my 21st century classic pick for the Classics Challenge. I'll be posting a review.

    Two Bib, I'm going to go ahead with Possession, but it's certainly daunting. Thick, with so many tiny words printed per page. I'll let you know.

    LYNDSEY, Haha. I love that you just posted that. Beeeeeeth was an old nickname spelled out- sort of. Made me smile. I will be reading Possession as soon as I get the change. It was a contestant for the Classics Challenege, but The Book Thief won just based on the fact that it cut down the volume a bit. Thanks! :)

  6. I love, love, love The Glass Castle. A must read!

  7. If on a Winter's Night a Traveler is on my to read list for March.

    I hope you'll like Rebecca. I adore it!

  8. I LOVED Rebecca and the Book Thief! Hope you enjoy :)

  9. I have a lot of these, but the only one I've read is Rebecca.

    Check out my list here:

  10. Wow, lots of people have Rebecca on their lists! It's one that everybody should read. It's been awhile since I read The Book Thief (I got it right when it first came out), but I remember it being good. Nice list!

  11. Several good books here...Glass Castle is insightful!

  12. Rebecca seems to be a favorite. I'll have to pick it up in the very near future. I'm really excited about the Calvino on the list and sad that more people didn't give me some insight as to the general feel for the book. The Book Thief will be finished very soon! Thanks for all the comments!


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