The Weekend Awaits - Ever So Patiently

Happy Friday!  The two day break from the 8 to 5 has been the source of much anticipation.  Atlanta's dogwoods and cherry blossom trees are in full bloom. (I'll be including some photos to prove it.)The landscape is filled with blue skies and bright sunshine.  It's also going to be close to 80 degrees.  That's Atlanta - and I love it.

I finished The Book Thief last night.  Tears and all.  I'm actually quite congested today because of the intense tear action, and had every intention to post my review this afternoon.  But, honestly, it's just going to have to wait until Monday.  The book and the craze of the past couple weeks have left me on empty.  J left this morning to go stay in the beautiful N. Georgia mountains for the weekend (lucky). I keep wondering if it's terrible that I'm so excited to have the whole place to myself for TWO whole days.  Note: He'll be missed.  A little.  ;)

I'm loving that I've taken the opportunity to create a book blog, and that I'm actively engaged with individuals who share goals and ideals.  It's made my life so bright.  Sometimes you just need a break, though.  This weekend is definitely going to be used to reignite my zeal, tie up some loose ends and do whatever I'm feeling like doing at an exact moment. 

So, sorry for the rant.  Here are some things that have brought cheer to my life in the past week.  Another note: photography is another passion, so you'll definitely be seeing more and more test images as I work my way up as an amateur photographer.  Enjoy!

1. Burst of bright color.

2. Window project: felt, twine, yarn, ribbon, buttons and burlap.

3. Flowers.  Everywhere.

Hope you enjoy this lovely weekend, too!


  1. Well, I am equally thankful that I've had the pleasure to come across your blog! Have a great weekend, and no worries - I am the same way when my husband is away! "I'll miss you!" (Internally, "I'll miss you, but...I'm going to have the whole place to myself, the TV is mine, the laptop is mine, and I can read the whole time if I want to! Yay!) :)

  2. Haha! I know. I'll miss his hugs in the morning, that's for sure. Glad I could share it! And I'm glad you stopped by, too!

  3. This post brightened up my day! Have a great weekend, Beth!

  4. Col at left a comment and I was silly and deleted it when I was approving on my iPHONE! Thanks, Col. I hope you enjoy your trip; I've always wanted to visit up there during that time. Thanks!

  5. Oh, I miss the cherry blossoms so much! I lived in D.C. for two years (and in MS most of my life), and there were two trees in the tiny back yard that would bloom beautifully, then carpet the patio in pink petals. *sigh*

    Have a wonderful relaxing weekend!

  6. Beautiful pictures!

    I've been meaning to read The Book Thief for a long time but haven't picked it up yet. Looking forward to your review of it!

  7. I hope you had a good weekend :) And I look forward to reading your review of The Book Thief - I picked up a copy earlier in the week...
    Loving the photos - it always makes me smile when I start seeing blossom on the trees... Spring is here! (Well, nearly...)


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