For My Family With Love

The ladies in my family have always been the epitome of warmth and affection for me.  I was lucky enough to have the coolest aunt in the world, who frequently took me into the big city to take the town, when I was just a wee little gal. She gave me my first manicure, carted me to aerobics classes and has always lent me an ear when I was going through tough times.  Two grandmothers, with two very different personalities, that instilled life long appreciation for the beauty of a wild garden, a handmade card and words of praise that are sure to brighten anyone's day.  Then, there's my own mother, a beautiful woman with a heart of gold, the softest skin and a laugh that encouraged my brothers and I to do anything that would elicit it's sound.

Today we go above and beyond to recognize the special relationships we've been so lucky to have with all the wonderful females that take place in our hearts.

I hope everyone is able to spend time with the special ladies in your lives! 

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