Adventures in DC

Last weekend I visited a close friend who's currently living in Washington DC.  I could use this blog to tell you about how much fun we had.  I could use this to tell you about the bike trail  next to the runway at Reagan Airport, where we laid in the grass watching planes landing just above our heads. I could tell you about the markets where we picked up fresh greens and sweet peaches to make dinner salads.  I could tell you that riding a bike through the deserted streets of Capitol Hill, with a soft breeze breathing against my skin, made me want to live in that moment forever.

But this is a book (ish) blog and it wouldn't make sense if I didn't mention my book love on the road.  So, here goes...

Note: This trip was less focused on procuring books.  I've recently realized (well, after the trip to Chattanooga I took yesterday, where I purchased numerous new books- post on that to come- I focused more on being free and light and only coming back with things I had taken along) that my TBR pile is getting out of hand.

Capitol Hill Books.  I blogged about it when I took my trip to DC last year (my blog's almost a year old)! Although it's not the greatest used store in the world, I had to go back for the experience. (Note: I have no idea who these people are.)

The book store's actually a little overpriced for used books, but it's packed with so many great titles that it's at least worth a stop.  For those wary of small spaces, tiny corridors and narrow staircases, steer clear of this gem.  

Because I was more focused on getting on the bike and riding around, I only purchased one book: Nick Hornby's The Polysyllabic Spree, which Brenna at Literary Musings recently reviewed.

We also made a stop at the Library of Congress, where I had the opportunity view Thomas Jefferson's library. So sad, but I can't provide photos because camera use wasn't allowed. Boo!  You get the picture.

And... I picked up a free copy of Julia Alverez's How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent  from a little book box in front of a house while we were walking home from dinner.  Definitely awesome!  

The trip was just what I needed.  

Fast forward a week & even better news!  I am a first time aunt.  My niece was welcomed into the world on Saturday.  I've never been more happy in my life.  My brother and sister-in-law are going to be beautiful, loving parents.  Congrats! 


  1. I wish my house looked like the inside of that bookshop.

    Also, congrats on becoming an aunt! Your niece is darling.

  2. Love Julia Alvarez! I went to DC in January and even with the cold weather (less tourists tho) we had such a blast. Love that city and how so much is free! What's your neice's name? Congrats!

  3. Congrats on becoming an aunt. Your trip sounds relaxing too :)

  4. Congratulations on your niece! I've got one too and she's six. I love her to pieces. I'm sure you will really enjoy being an aunt. I do.

    capital Hill Books looks like a great bookstore! Someplace I could spend an entire day :)

  5. Lorren, The book shop was a little overwhelming and there were spiders! But I admire your book love. Thanks- she is adorable!

    SSS- This will be my first Alvarez, but I've heard so many great things! DC is a great city to visit with $$$! Thank you!! The city was surprisingly slow for a holiday weekend.

    Tiny Libary- Thanks! She's precious!!

    Brenna- Thank you! I'm really excited that I have a little one to buy books for!!!
    It is a great book store, but there's almost no room for movement. Perhaps great with an occasional break for air!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful time in DC, although all the books on those cramped shelves look somewhat hazardous..LOL.

    They baby is precious.

  7. Diane- It's funny that you say that; I kept thinking about the weight of the books bringing the whole top story down with its weight. Little scary, and morbid to think about! I made it home safely, though!

  8. I just did a book review on my blog on Polysyllabic Spree so I was just searching google land for what others were saying. I LOVE the book porn you have in this post. Seriously, so haphazard the shelves and so inviting.


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