Excessive. Indulgent. Completely Justified.

I logged in today to discuss the recent realization that I have been buying books at an alarming rate.  Whatever happened to saving?  Whatever happened to cutting down/not consuming/ striving towards something that resembles minimalism? Scratch all that. Whatever happened to READING?  I feel like the days of being able to sit for hours and read may not grace my existence anytime in the near future.


So, let me share the latest acquisitions, while also remembering that these will be my last thrifty finds for some time. 

First, my favorite neighborhood used book store had a 10 year anniversary sale, with books at 40% off the already reduced price.  How could I not do it?  I was supporting the community and getting great books.

 Then I went to DC, remember I made a post about it, and picked up 2 great titles (one was free).  Ok, so a whole vacation and I only managed to buy ONE book... we're getting somewhere, right?

Ok, so at this point, I have 6 new books to add to the already enormous TBR pile.  I don't really need anything else; however, a little day trip to Chattanooga, TN was planned with the ladies from the book group. I should mention that, beforehand, Jenna from Literature and a Lens assured us we'd find one of the largest and best used stores she had ever visited.  She was so right.

The books I managed to snag.  The books J managed to point out had similar themes - which has led to much teasing on the nature of my interest in family secrets and memory (both words uttered in that ridiculous mysterious movie trailer voice).  Whatever.

Total books in a month's worth of adventures:

Did I mention that we're also moving soon?  Yeah, we are.  This is what the spare room looks like at this moment in time: 

You can also add about six more boxes to these four,  plus all the books on this side of the shelf and the other.  I think piles are starting to spread throughout the apartment, as well.

Needless to say, this is the last post of thrifty finds this little bookworm will be sharing for quite sometime.  

Read some of these titles?  Tell me what you think I should I move to the top of my TBR list! 


  1. Ha, did you and Brenna from Lit Musings coordinate your posts? Because she just wrote a similar one!

    I noticed that I was buying books at an alarming rate as's so difficult to not buy when I'm in a bookstore! You should DEFINITELY read The Polysyllabic Spree in the near good. Happy reading!

  2. I'm excited that you are reading Sarah's Key - I have been wanting to read it!

  3. Emily- Yes, I noted that when I visited Brenna's blog earlier. Book bloggers definitely influence other bloggers and I think that's why we're seeing so many posts about a ban on book buying! The Hornby book will be my first work of his. And probably his only. ;) I've heard a lot of great things about it, so I'm looking forward to it.

    Lorren- I'm pretty excited about Sarah's Key too! I've read so many wonderful reviews!

  4. I've heard so much about The Polysyllabic TBR overfloweth, my WishList overfloweth, my appetite for more books overfloweth, but my wallet does not overfloweth :(

  5. Beth, What is the large used bookstore you have pictured? It looks like a bookworm mecca.

    That's quite the selection of books you have. I highly recommend The Polysyllabic Spree - it's really interesting and super funny. I'm also interested in The Red Tent - I'd love to hear your thoughts to learn if it's worth reading.

    Good luck with the move!

  6. That is an impressive range of new books :-) I've read and loved a lot of them. 2666 is my favourite, but I'd advise reading it very slowly, preferably with some other people. I also loved The Gathering. Enjoy all your new books :-)

  7. I've been over indulging in book buying as well, and need to stop. Just too many unread books here.

  8. I just hopped to your blog from Brenna's and was thrilled to find my hometown McKay Used Books featured so nicely. It is huge; in fact, I don't like it nearly so much since it moved and expanded. They don't sort titles intuitively (for me), and there's not been a way to search to see if they have a book, so if you are looking for something in particular, you have to just wander - something I love on a smaller scale. Here, it gets overwhelming. All that said, it is still an excellent place to score great titles at good prices.

    Your blog has such a good look to it, and I'm looking forward to exploring it more. As for your stack, I'll tell you (and Brenna, above) that The Red Tent is one that I cannot recommend highly enough. It is an excellent book - so good, that none of Diamant's other work has measured up for me at all (I've only read a few).

  9. Yay for TBR for little reading time to conquer said TBR pile. I need to read more diverse fiction, so the Alvarez one looks particularly interesting. I also really want to read 2666 but it scares the crap out of me (mainly because of the length.) You definitely have some great reading material to chose from. Enjoy!

  10. Love the title of your post! The Heretic's Daughter is very good, and I also have The Red Tent waiting to be read. Happy reading! :)

  11. Wow, that book store looks incredible.

    Also, I'm excited to see what you think of At Home. I love Bryson's other books and have been eyeing this one.

  12. The Heretic's Daughter: There is a Heretic and a Daughter; and they both have a secret. But what they don't know is...... IT'S THE SAME SECRET! Journey to a land of secrets and memories and secrets. And things that people don't want to tell other people. And things kept quiet. And things hidden. You will never be the same.

  13. Brenna- It's called McKay's in Chattanooga, TN. They have 4 in the state, and I think there maybe some affiliated in North Carolina. Thanks! I am definitely not buying anything else anytime soon.

    Jackie- Thanks for coming by! 2666 is slightly daunting. My boyfriend has recently expressed interested, so perhaps we could read it together.

    Diane- I feel like book blogging will do that to you.

    Sara- So glad you found my blog! Thanks for the compliment-- i like to keep it neat and clear. I thought it was a great way to just wander thru a bookstore. Sometimes I prefer to find stores that give me random books as opposed to actively seeking them out. It was a great day trip and I'm sure I'll be going back. I'm really excited about The Red Tent because I've heard so many great things about it-- including the comments I've received because of this post.

    Jenna- You showing us that place was both a blessing and a curse! Haha. We'll have to make that trip again. So much fun; although maybe when it's a little cooler.

    Tiny- I'm reading The Heretic's Daughter at the moment and enjoying it so far.

    Rayna- I'm also reading At Home right now and I really REALLY really like it. He's just so all over the place in a way that I can actually stand. Quite informative.

    & Justin- I was perusing the list of titles that had suddenly began accumulating on our coffee table. Oddly enough, I found that these titles did not belong to me. For they certainly did not wield tales of mysteries and family secrets. No, apparently some beefy hunk was galloping thru the magical mists of a land that has a strange name, where dwarves brew things in cauldrons and then I think fight other dwarves with beards, but then remember while all that was going on that the beefy hunk is STILL riding thru the forest to capture this totally hot sorceress lady that may or may not have killed someone in his family at some point in time. I think that last part was a spoiler. Sorry. ;)

  14. Isn't that 2666 cover just BEAUTIFUL!? I can't wait to pick up my own copy. Glad to have found your site... and jealous of the excellent TBR pile.

  15. At Home has been my favorite 2011 read, hands down. JUST LOVED IT!

  16. Padfoot- Yes, it is. Still daunting though. Thanks!!! It just keeps growing.

    Kt- I really like it so far. Can't wait to share, even though I know it's going to be a slow read for me.

  17. Oh. My. Goodness! The picture of that shop literally made me drool a little. That looks like the kind of place where I would lose myself for days in!


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