A Photo Post: Fall & Winter Wants

It's officially Fall! And from what I've gathered people LOVE this season.  While Summer begins to fade away, people start dreaming about pie and pumpkin decorating and apple picking and bright bursts of foliage against blue sky and crisp, cool air and Autumn brews and moments spent around the dinner table laughing with loved ones.  Ok, so you get it, Fall is awesome.  Fall is not only my most favorite time of year to plan gatherings, it's also my favorite time to shop... or dream of shopping, anyway.  And because my birthday just happens to be in November, I thought I'd post a fun little collage of all the kick ass Fall/ Winter finds I've come across in the last couple of weeks.  (Plus, you never know who might be looking!) 

P.S. I like to share my finds on Pinterest.  You should join me there. 

See something you like?  Let me know and I'll grab the link! 


  1. I love fall and winter just because I can finally wear my coats and jumpers.

    plus I'd rather it be cold than hot because at least in the cold weather you can layer to keep're still bloody hot even with a t-shirt and you can't go around stark naked

  2. I agree! I love coats and scarves and sweaters and boots!

    I can't agree on the temperature though as I'd much rather be hot any day. That's a discussion my boyfriend and I frequently argue about! :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Beth those boots! I saw them in the Sundance catalog and fell in love. And then I saw how much they were. Completely out of my price range, but I still adore then none the less.

    I hope you get some of these things for your birthday!


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