Five Days of Christmas: Blog Lovin'

For whatever reason this has been the worst part of my year in reading.  Each evening after the work day and the unwrapping of gifts, I make the most pathetic attempt at getting into a novel.  Of course, the second of the Maisie Dobbs series is very interesting, but sometimes I need toothpicks to hold my eyes open.  I'm, in all honesty, completely exhausted.  However, I'm not complaining... the season is definitely worth the hard work.

There are, of course, other bloggers that are putting me to shame.  They're participating in readathons and readalongs all while maintaining a social life and a career and having babies and visiting the world and...ok, so I might want to say they're overachievers.  But that's just the green-wtih-envy bit coming out.  Plus, I reap the benefits of their reading endeavors.  They tell me what books to look for and those to stay away from.  They share different perspectives and call attention to things I may have missed.  They post stories about their lives that make me laugh and smile. It's just a win-win situation.

On the third day of Christmas...

Bloggers fill your days with happiness and sunshine and kittens.  I guess it's all about how you look at it.
They're super smart and witty.
They're social and conversational.
They're pulling quotations that want to make you cry. Or laugh. Or both.
While they may prevent me from cutting the book budget (just look at my TBR list), I'm so happy to have discovered so many great titles.
They make up a place to share joy and cheer and the exciting bits in life.
They make up a place to hold meaningful and intelligent discussions (for those, like me, who miss the lecture halls and debate sessions).  
I'm so thrilled that I had the opportunity to join a community of awesome people who listen to my rants and share in my triumphs.

Thanks for all the blog love & endless reviews & all your hard work! 

A little blog roll love during the holidays. While these aren't the only blogs I  love to visit, here are a few bloggers who really make my day.

Carrie at nomadreader
Brenna at literary musings
Col at ColReads
Sam at Tiny Library
Catherine at Bookish Habits

Have a very happy Wednesday! 


  1. So many bloggers I love are listed in your post (and some I need to check out!!!), and I'm thrilled to be among them!!!! Merry Christmas!!! Big bloggy hugs!

  2. Andi,
    Glad I could share some blog love. I always enjoying visiting your site... here's to a wonderful new year of blog goodness.

  3. My reading has slowed down quite a bit in December. This is the first time all year that it has taken me more than two weeks to finish a book. The craziness that is the holidays does that to most.

    Thanks for the mention! I'm so happy to have found your blog near its beginning and follow it since. Merry Christmas, Beth! :)

  4. Thanks for the mention, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

    I'm lucky that I finished work for the Christmas hols on Friday of last week and I finished all my Christmas shopping Monday. I'm actually having some me-time, relaxing, reading and blogging and I'm making the most of it. My post rate will slow dramatically when I go back to work!

  5. Making your list made my day, Beth! I feel like I got an extra Christmas present :) I am so glad to have found your blog, and I'm really looking forward to more of your insights in 2012!

  6. Thanks for including me! I feel like such a blog slacker the past few weeks, so this mention especially brightened my day. I've been reading well, but I haven't found much time (or energy or desire) to actually write about the books). Ugh. I'm glad you're reading Birds of a Feather! I'll be eager to hear your thoughts when you finish!

  7. Thanks Beth! Good to see you back on the internets! I've been having some real world preoccupations too lately, happy to see one of my most loyal readers is still there.

  8. Beth! Your post just made my day. Thanks for including me on your list! I must say that I pretty much have you to thank for getting me to start my own blog. Can't say that it would have happened without the needed push you gave.

    Here's hoping that the new year brings lots of relaxation, reading, and blogging. Merry Christmas!

  9. You guys are all amazing! Thanks for always bringing your love of the printed word and great conversation! No doubt we'll all have a great year of reading ahead of us! No shame in being busy around the holidays... it's to be expected.

    And the slacking... oh, please! You guys are blowing me away. :)


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