Five Days of Christmas: Vacations

I'm a lazy litte bookwork today. And you're probably feeling lazy too. Unless you're in retail, then I'm just feeling for you because I know how much that sucks.

This morning I slept in, albeit in a giant, lonely bed.  I woke up and had a delicious cup of coffee straight from the french press.  I read and scoured blogs and decided what I'd make for Christmas dinner with my lady friends.  And now I'm heading out for a walk around town to pick up some last minute knick knacks at some of the local shops in the neighborhood.  It's glorious, I tell you.  If only the next season of Downton Abbey would be released tonight... it'd be the icing on the cake.  Oh well, a girl can dream.

On the fifth day of Christmas...

I'm so thankful for vacations.  
Small little breaks from the hustle and bustle of the eight to five.  
So thankful for moments sipping fresh coffee, while sitting in my breakfast nook that's filled with sunlight.  
Happy to spend the morning singing to the kitties and petting them until they curl up and fall asleep.   
Long walks around the neighborhood and staying in PJs until noon.
Extended meals and warm cuddles.  Free time and creativity.
I'm so thankful for the little vacations I am so lucky to be granted.

Happy Holidays! 
(P.s. If you haven't used google today, you should definitely check out the banner running now!)


  1. Everybody should have to work retail at least once in their life. The behind the counter experience tends to create more patient (and nice) shoppers than those who have never had the experience.
    Enjoy your downtime :) and Merry Christmas!

  2. It's been wonderful sharing your Five Days of Christmas. Enjoy your vacation and your dinner with friends! Hope the rest of your holiday is merry and bright!

  3. Your Christmas vacation sounds infinitely warm and relaxing. Ours so far has been a lot of last minute shopping and cleaning, since we realized maybe Wednesday that Christmas was, indeed, this weekend. Happy Holidays!


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