Adventures in Photoshop

I've been writing my reviews for The Snow Child and 11/22/63 for days.  I'm having one of those weeks were the words just sit on the tip of my tongue. So. The content will be posted here.


I certainly didn't bring you here to talk about the reviews that I'm getting around to, so let me announce other news... I finally got Photoshop (the latest edition)! Cheers all around!! This week has seen me rushing home from work to sit down and watch tutorial after tutorial to start mastering some skills. My first was the one you see above. That's ok for a first, right?! I'm not really sharing this to be like.. "oh, look what I just did! I am so awesome," but more like "I'm learning things!" I love starting something with no background and watching myself grow. I'll look back in a year from now and laugh at my little backgrounds and banner creations. But. I'll be so much more familiar with the tools and able to create pretty content without watching a video or consulting the Google monster (as often). I'll be easing into comfort while knowing that there's so much more to learn and create and be happy about it.  I don't think I've been this excited in a long time. I'm working on building my new site, for my super secret project, with some of the stuff I'm creating now. It'll be so rewarding to look back and know that I'm challenging myself and succeeding. The beautiful weather we've been blessed with is only adding to my grin.

How's your week? Any new projects on your plate? Any plans you're excited to share?


  1. GOOD JOB!!!

    he-he seriously, this is really cute and i'm super excited for you! learning something new that you know you love is the best feeling ever.

    my new project is my newly redesigned blog. my friend did the layout and i really hope it inspires me to work better at it! will see.

    1. Petya,
      Thanks! It's very exciting to start new projects and watch yourself grow. I always love a good challenge! I find that I'm anxiously awaiting getting home to do more, so I think that's a good sign!

      I'm sure you'll do a great job! I'll have to eye the progress ;)

  2. You are much better than me, I don't even have photoshop! I love the colours that you chose :)

    My project at the moment is trying not to invest myself so heavily in my job and have a bit of a work-life balance (not that my boss needs to know!). I've been having a stressful time with it lately and I need to take some positive steps.

    1. Sam,
      Thanks! I'm really loving bright and bold colors at the moment. I just got the real deal (I was using elements for photo editing) and am jumping right in!

      I need these projects to do exactly what you voiced here. It's not always easy to start something you enjoy when you're constantly obsessing over work. My boss actually just instructed me to start enjoying my free time more and learn to turn off when I'm away from the office. :) I think that once you recognize it, you'll figure out a way to start doing more you enjoy! Good luck!

  3. Nice work! I miss having photoshop though I never got very fancy. You will have so much fun!

    My new project is an our new project - we're going to try to start a square foot vegetable garden! We don't use our tiny yard for much, and with food at astronomically high prices, it would be nice for the yard to give something back - we'll see how it goes. Neither of us have thumbs that even hint at being green.

    1. Thanks! I am pretty excited about the whole process.

      That sounds like an awesome project! What veggies are you growing? You'll have to let me know how it all turns out. Pictures, please! Unfortunately, we don't have a place to grow anything, so I've taken to tending succulents since they don't require much (aside from keeping the cats away). Good luck!!


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