Zoya Nail Polish Review

I recently cashed in on a Zoya deal that offered three polishes for the price of shipping at 12 dollars. I know that 12 dollars sounds like A LOT, but for three polishes (at 9 dollars a pop) that are junk-free, I thought it was quite the deal. *Note: The shipping cost is not normally 12 dollars for each purchase. I'd never used Zoya before but knew some friends that loved their color selection, so decided to splurge. Be aware that you may be overwhelmed by the size of their color collection because it's very large; you'll want everything! However, I stuck with my gut and chose the colors above because I was tired of the same old red and pink that I so often wear. 

So.. my thoughts:

Out of the four, the Dahlia is my favorite. It lasts, it's pretty to look at, and one of those colors that's forgiving if you have a shaky hand. Glitter polishes are usually a win for me because I just can't mess those up! Out of the others it also had the best staying power so it's become a go-to polish for me.

Carey is my runner up. Smooth finish that doesn't necessarily require a second coat which makes it great for quick color. It's a good shade to add as a base and then play around with different nail art techniques. 

Goldie is a so-so in my book. The color is beautiful. I love gold nail polish probably more so than reds and pinks, but I just couldn't say no to this one. However, the finish isn't as smooth as I'd hoped. I'd much rather trust a seasoned nail professional to apply this because my application just wasn't cutting it. Admittedly, this might be more of an issue on my part, but I prefer polishes that are easy to apply and dry rather quickly. On the bright side, you can definitely count on this polish to deliver the color you see in the bottle.

Mitzi was the real splurge. It's a matte shade. I must confess that I've never owned a matte polish so didn't even think to also order a matte top coat! Yep, it's not matte if you cover it with a regular old shiny top coat. I haven't actually had the chance to wear this one for an extended period of time on all of my fingers. I feel that I'll probably, like the goldie, have to take this one into a salon for application because it's a bit tricky determining the perfect amount as a base and then second coat, but think it'll be gorgeous when I finally do get to sport it.

The polishes are toxin-free and that's really what was most appealing to me. In an effort to try to incorporate more natural products in my beauty regime, I wanted to see how these compared to some of my favorites. For the most part, Zoya's polishes have staying power that I haven't seen in brands like essie (but the colors!), and Deborah Lippmann (expensive). I find that I'm hard on my hands so even the best polishes don't normally stay for too long (I also blame excess oil). All and all, I'll definitely invest in more Zoya polishes in the future. They offer quality and a dreamy color selection... what's not to love?

Unfortunately, I don't see any great deals on their site at the moment, but create an account on the Zoya site to get updates on new colors and special offers! 

What polishes are you raving about? Relying on any spring color favorites at the moment?


  1. Those colors are amazing! I loved the gold one best :) I usually like OPI or Essie nail polish - of course, I hadn't really thought about the toxins ( I really need to! ). My sister bought me Marc Jacobs nail polish to try out ( I'm a huge fan of his handbags!! ) and I loved it - the polish stayed on for so long and never chipped! I've wanted to try Deborah Lippmann, because she did those limited edition GIRLS colors, but I never found them so I gave up. I have to admit that I really loved this post - who doesn't love nail polish?!

  2. Nadia,
    I haven't tried the MJ polishes but the packaging is killer. I'll have to try it if you're saying it doesn't chip! I usually have to go with gel to avoid it, but hate what the process does to my nails. Essie is definitely toxin-free, and I think some OPIs, if not all, are as well. I love OPI because that is a workhorse. I just didn't love the Deborah Lippmann and can't justify the almost 20 dollar pricetag. I bought one for our wedding and I doubt I'll even wear it! Have you tried the Butter brand? I know it's natural as well and has some pretty interesting colors. Glad you enjoyed it! I LOVE nail polish.

    1. I have heard of Butter, but haven't tried it yet. I can definitely understand balking at the idea of spending so much on nail polish. I remember in college my BFF and I spent around 25 bucks buying a Chanel nail polish - the color was this awesome midnight blue with glitter in it. Anyhow, the polish chipped straightaway and wound up being a bad buy. I guess name brand doesn't guarantee quality, eh? Thanks for the info Essie and OPI :)

  3. all of the colours look amazing! thank you for this great review and detailed description of the nail polishes :)


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