BEA / Chicago / 2016

just me, myself & my BEA book stack

Everyone in the book blog world knows BEA went down last week. And those who didn't attend had to suffer through snaps and IG posts and Twitter updates about each and every detail. I offer a sincere apology on behalf of everyone guilty of this (I know I went a little crazy). We were just excited?

It was fun! It was overwhelming! It was an incredible experience! 

I'm just going to come right out and say that BEA is not for the faint of heart (this was my first BEA, btw). And I'm not talking about fighting over books because I hear that actually happened. No, I found that I was able to get all of the ARCs I had my eyes on pretty easily and didn't walk away disappointed in the least. I even met the authors who interested me most without suffering hour long lines, etc. (Jonathan Safran Foer, awkward; George Saunders, ridiculously nice; Colson Whitehead, so freaking cool.) It's more that it's like this great experiment to see if people, who are most likely socially awkward, can hang with peeps from the net IRL. You know? Like a hunger games situation but not deadly and more just stilted conversation rather than daggers to the chest. I honestly had no idea how much of a homebody I had become until I found myself surrounded by people for three whole days. (I work from home full-time so I really only leave the house during the week to exercise and even that involves headphones.) Of course, I'm not all doom and gloom because I was so happy to finally meet some of my favorite bloggers, chat with incredibly awkward/charming authors, and be apart of an event that celebrates literature. I just like to be 100% honest and that was my take on the whole thing. If you get the chance to attend, do it!!

So... enough about that. The books (and totes)! So many! 

The photo above is the stack I brought home... well, it's not completely accurate because I left out four and didn't notice until the photo activities were done. Can't win 'em all. 

I think it's safe to say that I have a lot of reading to do and reviews to share. I'll be posting my top ten anticipated titles from those acquired at the conference later this week, so stay tuned! :) 

Been to BEA? What was your favorite/least favorite part?


  1. You win the best BEA pic prize! I agree on all counts here. Last time I went, things were a little less frazzled when it comes to social things because there were just fewer bloggers I knew. This time around I felt like I wanted to be everywhere with everyone (and just have a moment to myself!) all at the same time.

  2. That stack is AMAZING. Sounds like such a great time, and I can't wait to hear your top 10 list... already excited by the glimpse of a new Amor Towles book there!

  3. Fantastic photo! As we discussed, agreed on JSF - not only awkward, but would've rather been just about anywhere in the world than talking and signing for we plebians. Still gonna read the shit out of his book though.

    1. We are but mere peasants to the great and wonderful Foer. But yes, agree, totally awkward. So awkward it hurt a bit.

  4. I definitely agree that BEA can be a bit much for introverted book people, but I'm glad you mostly had a good time! Love the photos.

  5. What a great photo - love it! Sounds like you had a terrific time and I loved your description of it. I can totally imagine the hunger games (without the killing )situation filled with awkward people scene you described. I'm a homebody so I know what you mean about how you don't really realize it until you are surrounded with people :) I think its so cool you got to meet so many of your fave bloggers - how fun! I can definitely picture JSF being awkward and thinking he's above being there at BEA - he just has that look about him. Of course, I can't wait to read his new book - LOL! I definitely need to make it to BEA next time. I'm looking forward to your top 10 list, especially after seeing that pile of books next to you - WOW! Thanks for the honest post!

  6. You know by now that I adore the hell out of you and your family and all the other bloggers, but I'll be 100% honest as well and say I was so glad to sit in my reading chair at home and actually open a book for more than 20 minutes. That being said, I miss you all and wish I could see you more often in smaller doses like I do my other friends.

    Also, I'm incredibly jealous of your amazing BEA pictures. Your apartment is the best place for cool photos.

    I hope to see you again! Come to Denver once I'm settled so I can return the favor with hosting. We'll make butterbeer cupcakes. :)

  7. I think "Hunger Games but not deadly" should be the official slogan for BEA 2017.

  8. That stack is craaaaaaaaaaaazy. Well done!

  9. It was nice to meet you Beth at BEA and to find your blog just now. Your pile is most impressive but then you live there! Imagine taking them on a plane. I'm worried about all the reading for me now, ha. enjoy

  10. Lolol, this is such an apt description of the atmosphere. I went to BEA last year for the first time. I didn't know anyone! But I (awkwardly) made some blogger friends which was amazing. There was tons of galley grabbing for sure (do people just forget to be humans sometimes or what?) But other than that, it was a blast (though SUPER exhausting). Glad that you had a good time over all and got the books you wanted :) I definitely waited in a few lines for hour(s) haha. There are also still lots of books from last year that I still haven't read... Sad that I couldn't make it this year but loved seeing everyone's pics!

  11. I agree with everyone here that your photo with the stack IS the best. And so great to meet you. I feel the same way about balancing the social aspect of something like BEA. I loved meeting everyone and at the same time found myself wandering off by myself for a little "quiet". Glad you had a great time.

  12. I agree with Shannon- you win for best pic!

    You're also right about the intensity of the whole event. I was thrilled to meet so many people I'd known online, but the buzz of activity was a lot to take in. I crashed when I finally made it home. Got to love introverted book bloggers!


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