The Summer Solstice & Navigating a Reading Slump

Happy first day of the summer solstice!! Summer is one of my favorite seasons so I'm doing a little happy dance to celebrate. (Just picture that for a moment. Ok, let's move on.)

I know a lot of people don't particularly love summer because of the heat but I really thrive in the warmer months. Like fall, I strive to be outside as much as possible to get my body moving and soak up the sunshine before -0 temps return and I go into hibernation.

Here's a list of my absolute favorite summertime activities/things/places:

1) Mouthwatering berries.

Berries are in season during the summer months (so juicy and sweet), so I stock up to get my fix. ALL of the blueberries and stat!

2) Lazy days at the pool.

I know many people hate frying out by the pool during the day, but I LOVE it. Most weekends you'll find me, book in one hand, fizzy water in the other, soaking up the vitamin D and grinning. I get soooo much more reading done. Plus, short swim breaks take me back to my childhood and my mermaid dreams.

3) Picnics, concerts, Shakespeareyou name itin the park! 

Chicago is the best during the summer (yes, it gets hot, but it's nothing compared to Atlanta's humidity so I can deal). There are always so many outdoor events occurring in each neighborhood that it'd probably take you a lifetime to experience them all. My particular favorite is the symphony at Millennium Park, where visitors have the option to buy seats or sit on the lawn (free) and watch the symphony perform at dusk. You're welcome to bring a picnic, a bottle of wine or two, and relax on the lawn with the skyline as your view. It's magical.

Yay! Summer.

I'll have a considerable amount of free time in the coming weeks so I'm looking to get some good reads in. I'm stuck in a rut at the moment with no sign of getting out. Help!

Current Reads:

The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

This started out strong for me (well, after getting over some small annoyances), but then kind of just died. I know I'll finish but don't find myself itching to get back.

Chronicle of a Last Summer: A Novel of Egypt by Yasmine El Rashidi

I keep reading that once you get past the initial chapters, told from the perspective of a 6-yr-old girl, this book gets really good, but it's been such a struggle to even get as far as I have. I'm really interested in Egyptian political culture but this just isn't doing it for me.  I feel guilty because I'm really trying to get through my ARCs (and post about them) and this one is just rotting on my kindle.

Grief is the Thing with Feathers by Max Porter

This one is actually really good. As much as I want to push on, I just don't think I'm in the right emotional place for it at this point in time. I linked to Julianne's (Outlandish Lit) review because she does a fantastic job covering everything Porter does right.

So... what should I pick up next? I've got The Girls by Emma Cline, Hot Milk by Deborah Levy, Invincible Summer by Alice Adams, and SO MANY OTHERS just waiting to be consumed. What are you reading right now?? And what do you love about it?


  1. So agree about pool lounging! I'm waiting for our city pool to open next week and then I imagine I'll be out there quite a bit. Hope the slump busts itself soon :)

  2. Pool lounging sounds glorious. I've only heard good things about The Girls. Grief Is The Thing With Feathers was so moving. When slumps hit me I usually abandon all the books I'm in the middle off and pick up something completely new. Sometimes you just gotta lay by the pool and eat berries and drink beverages. Hope you find a book that gets you outta that slump soon!

  3. Reading by the pool sounds heavenly! We picked up a giant container of blueberries this morning and I am ready for all of the snacking and all of the baking!

    Maybe try reading something completely out of your comfort zone to see if it busts your reading slump? Good luck!

  4. Lounging by the pool sounds amazing! Enjoy :) As for books, I have Grief on my TBR and can't wait to read it. I started The Girls, but wasn't in the right mood for it so I put it down. I keep hearing its fantastic. I'm actually trying to figure out what to read next, because nothing is calling out to me. I might just reread something to get me reading again. Hopefully, you'll pick up something great that will have you out of your reading slump soon - fingers crossed!

  5. Ooh, your joy over summer arriving is palpable. :) Your IG photos of enjoying The Epic of Gilgamesh in the park were adorable.

    I enjoy summer a lot, too, but the humidity can be such a bummer for me. I feel like I should be bulletproof after growing up in Florida, but I just can't deal. I'll take sunshine and the outdoors when it isn't too muggy out, and otherwise I'm inside with the fan blowing baking some pie (did I mention how much I love strawberry-rhubarb pie? Another summer perk!).

    I hear you on the reading slump. I've been finding solace in comics—they're quick and easy and I don't feel guilty dropping them if they don't work. I can't say the same for the ARCs *also* currently rotting on my Kindle... ahem.

    I've heard uniformly rave reviews about THE GIRLS, so maybe that will be the book to bust your slump!


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