Monday is Funday-- Beach Weekend Review

Man Walks Into a RoomHappy Monday! I'm happy to say, that, despite the gloomy mood that set upon arriving home from the two afternoons lounging seaside, I have returned more motivated than ever! I must admit that I haven't finished Krauss's Man Walks Into A Room  just yet, although I'm hopelessly devoted to her writing. I'm choosing to refrain from posting excerpts that I especially enjoyed, because, in all honesty, I'll need to re-read much of the text I've completed. As much as I was looking forward to sticking my nose into a good book, lying idly, as waves fell just steps from my jellyfish body; the wind, restless and wandering, couldn't help but send small layers of sand sailing towards my face. Needless to say, I had difficulty handling my book and battling mother nature. However, to possess an opportunity to take in that world, so naturally beautiful, I was able to fully regain enthusiasm, not to mention experience the awe of certain emotions, inspired by Krauss's novel, which magnified the depth of my feelings for individuals so important in my life.  Man Walks Into A Room is emotionally gripping, and forces you to examine the characters' reactions and heartaches at an extremely personal level. So, if you're willing to be a tad bit patient with me, I'll continue reading tonight, in the comfort of my bedroom, and paint the pages yellow. I highly suggest picking a copy up for yourself, so you know exactly what I'm talking about.

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