An Informative Interview with Kathryn Stockett

I was perusing the web for events and/or author lectures in the Atlanta area when I stumbled upon this very informative interview with the author of  The Help, Kathryn Stockett.  The HelpWhen I visited Q in DC, I mentioned that her nose was literally attached to this book. I remember having asked her several questions about the author's background and so forth because I thought the subject of the book to be controversial and a challenging subject of fiction. Unfortunately, we didn't get too far into the conversation as the entire weekend was a jet-set affair. But I started thinking about it more when my grandmother gave me the book to read this past weekend. She even expresed what the book meant to her as an upper middle class caucasian female during this era. I won't divulge my grandmother's words to me,not because what she had to say was offensive, but simply because it was a conversation of confidence. Following our discussion, she insisted that I take it and read it, because it was incredibly thought-provoking. I'll admit that was tempted to pick it up and start reading immediately, but the other books in a long-list of to-reads made the decision easier. And, that was the case until I found this article, and am now convinced it's no longer a matter of choice. I know the book's been out for a bit, so I'm a little late on this, but hopefully this article will be interesting for all those who did enjoy the novel, and maybe even motivating for those who've contemplated the decision, but haven't!

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