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Another week, another Thesaurus Thursday!  And I'm excited to share that I've got quite the list going with all the new books I've started... so, hopefully you'll be back for more!  Like ineffable, I really like the sound of truculent; and I just happened to see this beautiful string of letters forming this overwhemingly rich word in Major Pettigrew's Last Stand, which I finished on Monday evening.  I immediately added it to my Thursday list so I could share all of it's possibly meanings.

Truculent, and it's uses- Adjective. Circa 1540 (it's old). 1. feeling or displaying ferocity: CRUEL, SAVAGE. 2. deadly, destructive. 3. scathingly harsh; VITRIOLIC., and 4. aggressively self-assertive: BELLIGERENT

I would say: Such truculent actions only improve one's credibility in the eyes of the heartless. 

Hmm... That's a little depressive. Give me some suggestions! Nothing wrong with sharpening the ol' vocabulary a bit, right?

Note: Image above can be viewed at it's original home here.

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