Thesaurus Thursday

Here's to another Thesaurus Thursday!  I'm sitting here looking through my notebook with all of the words I've noted while finishing up Anthony Doerr's Memory Wall: Stories, and I'm trying to choose a word that would be fitting for a day filled with rain and grey skies. 

So how about infinitesimal? I think I can work with it. 

Infinitesimal- Adjective; Originated around 1710. Meaning: 1. Taking on values arbitrarily close but greater than zero. Or, 2. immeasurably or incalculably small. 
What I might say: Despite the paper's promise of an infinitesimal chance of rain, the sky tells me we'll probably be staying in tonight.

Any other uses?  I'd really enjoy some suggestions. 

Note: The image above can be found here.

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