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All Is Forgotten, Nothing Is Lost: A NovelOne more day and the weekend's here!  I'll be watching my sweetheart play his last show with his band, It's Elephant's, at the 529 Club in East Atlanta Village tomorrow night! An event that will undoubtedly be coupled with feelings of nostalgia, gaiety and sadness. Here's to a great show! On Monday, W.W. Norton & Norton, released Lan Samantha Chang's All is Forgotten, Nothing is Lost, which I'll be posting a review of this coming weekend.  I highly recommend this novel for anyone who enjoys thought-provoking dialogue, strengthened with elevated language in a palatable manner. Today's word, virulent, can be found while Roman, our protagonist, engages in heated discussion with one of his most promising students.  The word's negative connotation is indicative of the underlying gloom that resides within the novel's storyline. (Hopefully, this will not detour you from reading Chang's latest title.)

Virulent- Adjective, 14th Century. 1. Marked by rapid, severe, and destructive course. 2. Able to overcome bodily defensive  mechanism : markedly pathogenic.  3. Extremely poisonous or venomous.  4. Full of malice : MALIGNANT.  5. Objectionably harsh or strong. 

What I would say: As his facial profile changed to that of utter contempt, she anticipated the virulent words that would soon begin to spew from his lips. 

Great House: A NovelDont' forget to watch out for new posts this weekend! Count down to the release of Nicole Krauss's Great House: A Novel... 4 days!

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