Thrifty Book Finds

I love to read, but it can be quite an expensive practice. So, I visit thrift stores, yard sales and used book stores to indulge my habit without giving up sustenance.

Finds: The Book Thief, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and The Time Traveler's Wife (for Mom!).
Where: Goodwill
Money Spent: $ 4.50

Pretty nice!

Note: I refrained from purchasing a beautiful new hardcover copy of Nicole Krauss's The History of Love, even though my paperback is clinging to life, so give me some credit.


  1. I just went to a used book sale and I was so excited to get some awesome books for so cheap! I love buying used!

  2. Thrift stores are GREAT places to find books. I went to a local place a few months ago and got nearly 10 books for under ten bucks. You've gotta put the time into hunting for them a little harder, but I actually enjoy that most of the time.

  3. Used is an awesome way to save money! Hunting is the most fun because when you find something you really wanted it's like discovering buried treasure!

  4. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is great. And I encourage you to give TTTW another shot! :)

  5. Wow thats a steal. Congrats. I never even thought of Good Will for books. I'm going to have to swing by mine! Anyhow, I've wanted to read A Tree Grows In Brooklyn for awhile - one of those childhood reads that I never got around to.

  6. @ Mandy I'm definitely going to try and get into it before I hand it over. Haha. I'll take your advice.

    @Brenna Thrift stores and donation centers are a great place to get practically new books at a great price. I always like to browse if I happen to pass by one. Good luck with some great finds!

  7. I love buying used books... especially when people have marked them up so I can see what their favorite parts were. I really enjoyed A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and The Book Thief (I reviewed The Book Thief here( if you want to give it a look!) I actually didn't finish Time Traveller's Wife, but most people I know of really loved it, so I hope you get along with it better than I did. :)


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