The Wanderlust Weekend Edition- Scottish Highland Festival

Happy Sunday, bookworms!  Sundays have unofficially been dedicated to posts that offer insight into the world of nature, life and accomplishing the things you most desire from life. The 8 to 5 can no doubt leave you tired, cranky and a little lost.  I use my weekends to do all the things that provide motivation through the just-outta-college, entry-level grind.  Perhaps my endeavors will motivate you, too.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the annual Scottish Highland Games festival at Stone Mountain Park.  Stone Mountain Park is already one of my favorite places to relax and unwind, given that it's a relatively short distance from the city, and will no doubt illicit warm childhood memories of summer days spent there with my three younger brothers.

I've been to the Games before as my Grandmother is a staunch proponent of understanding and seeking one's ancient family heritage, and has carted my brothers and I, rain or shine, to participate in the activities.  My Mother and Grandmother are detectives in the field of genealogy and refuse to accept a dead end, traveling great distances to accrue another piece of the puzzle in the long line of people that existed before us.  That being said, I, too, have developed an interest in the generations of my ancestral family that appear as characters in a folk tale at this point.  

The festival was quite enjoyable.  Seeing my Mother smile is no doubt reward enough.  I realize that there is much about the Scottish Highland culture I am ignorant of, and I understand that it does encompass more than bagpipes, games and traditional dancing; all and all, it was a real treat and ecourages me to learn more about the culture. Piping and drumming bands from around the country came to compete against one another with difficult musical compositions and synchronized performances.  I've always loved the sounds of a bagpipe so perhaps I'm a bit partial, but it was very entertaining and inspirational to see individuals who work so hard to perfect their skill performing for such a large, appreciative audience.  

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