Literary Blog Hop

Literary Blog Hop

The Blue Bookcase announced this week that their site would be hosting a Literary Blog Hop. The genre, literary fiction, is often debated, because unlike other genres of fiction, literary fiction does not possess rigid parameters. However, literary fiction is not, itself, some magical abyss that one can call upon if in doubt of another name. No, literary fiction places emphasis on style, and demands a developed (or more deeply developed) psychological engagement/concept from it's audience and characters. Those studying literary fiction pay close attention to devices that are meticulously displayed throughout a novel of interest. McGraw Hill has a wonderfully informative list of literary devices and terms that any reader should familiarize themselves with. A novel can hold a beautiful storyline, an enriching message, and teach readers to engage in critical thinking, thus sharpening the mind.

Thought-provoking storylines and complex character development have kept my love of the printed word alive since I was a child. That’s why I was overjoyed when I found I would be able to participate in this Literary Blog Hop!

The Blue Bookcase posed this request:

Please highlight one of your favorite books and why you would consider it "literary."

Now, many of my readers know that my favorite title is Nicole Krauss’s The History of Love, which qualifies as an appropriate book for the subject of genre. However, instead of doing as predicted, I want to talk about some of my more recently favored literary fiction reads.

Author: Lan Samantha Chang

Release Date: 09.27.2010

Hardcover, 208 Pgs.

When I was offered an advanced reader's copy of Nicole Krauss's Great House: A Novel, I was ecstatic. No, really. I think I called half the people in my phonebook; I was so excited to get the chance to review in advance. Not to mention, it was the first time I had received an ARC of anything directly from a publisher. A newcomer to the world of book-blogging, receiving a copy felt like quite an accomplishment; so, imagine how elated I was when I found, quite unexpectedly, Lan Samantha Chang's All is Forgotten, Nothing is Lost, in the same package!

Summary: Roman and Bernard are students in a revered and feared poet's class with hopes of becoming brilliant artists themselves. Miranda Sturgis, their professor, maintains an image of ambivalence regarding anything her students submit, creating a desire in the two men to know her more completely. While Roman's work procures a life of recognition, Bernard looms in his frugal dwellings, constructing and deconstructing a single poem.

Readers witness the lives of two men who face perplexing lifestyle queries. Chang brilliantly embeds a discussion of her own profession, writing, in the text, which prompts profound analysis of the skill and devotion of writers, past and present. The day-to-day complexities of individuals’ inhabiting a capitalist society are marked with striking clarity. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys elevated language and content, as well as an engaging storyline that keeps your fingers gripping the cover.

Memory Wall: StoriesHonorable Mention: Anthony Doerr’s Memory Wall: Stories. Doerr’s collection of stories possessed lines that were so beautiful, I cried from construction, and not entirely from content. Language was moving, and the character depth for each member of this collection of short stories goes unmatched.


  1. Found you through the hop! This book looks great, I have put it on my list of books to investigate further. My response is at, check it out!

    PS New follower - I'm excited to read more of your blog :)

  2. Glad I hopped by. I like your answer and your choice of books.

    Rose City Reader.

  3. Great post!! I absolutely loved this book and think it is a wonderful example of literary fiction.

  4. Found you through the hop & now following you.

    I haven't heard of this book but it definitely sounds interesting. It's going on my to-read list.

    Sam at Tiny Library

  5. As Anne Shirley would say, I think we're kindred spirits...I love that you cried over the beauty of Doerr's sentences! And is there anything more exciting than scoring a coveted ARC from a favorite writer? After reading posts too numerous to mention about The History of Love, I finally requested it from the library. And now I have another blog to follow! I'm glad I found you on the new hop....

  6. History of Love is one of my favorites, too, so I'm going to take you up on All is Forgotten, Nothing is Lost and Memory Wall. Thanks!

  7. Sounds a bit like Dead Poets Society. (Meaning, it sounds really good!)

    Thanks for sharing. :-)

    Here's my contribution, if you're interested: :-)

  8. How wonderful to have the offer of an ARC that you actively desire to read! I've been blogging a couple of years and I now receive offers of books every day, but it is rare that the book is a desired book.

    I'm a new follower. I'd love to have you stop by my blog and visit every now and then. I'm at

  9. I hopped by, too! The HIstory of Love is a favorite, and I look forward to reading Great House. What a nice bonus to get Chang's novel. It sounds wonderful.

  10. Glad everyone enjoyed the selection- I can't speak highly enough of Chang and Doerr's latest novels. Great House, for all you History of Love fans, is nothing short of magnificent. If you loved THOL, you'll no doubt enjoy Great House. I'm still working through a review of the title now-- anticipate great things. So glad this Hop introduced me to so many other great blogs. Thanks for the love!

  11. Hi Lucky you to get the ARC! (I recently read History of Love and loved it) and thank you for telling us about Chang and Doerr's novels, I love finding out about other treasures that haven't received the hype. I'm a new follower because of the "Hop", nice to meet you.


  12. Laura,
    Both novels were quite low key and such treasures. Doerr's eloquence is so moving. I hope you get a chance to read them, and enjoy them! Thanks for reading!


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