Thrifty Book Finds

Saturday shopping spree... alliteration at it's finest.  Actually, I did some early Christmas shopping, and purchased myself a few goodies for being such a smart cookie.  Before heading out the door, and before my arms were loaded with shopping bags, I created a pile of old books that I was itching to get rid of.  I started my afternoon with a trip to Goodwill and picked up book #1: If We Ever Break Up, This is My Book by Jason Logan.  Logan's title is a collection of illustrations of the trials and tribulations of dealing with a breakup.  It's absolutely hilarious (don't judge me), and was reasonably priced ($1.50) for a coffee table book.

My second stop was a used book store outside of Atlanta.  I was able to swap four books for a trade-in-credit of 12 dollars!  Needless to say, I picked up Dave Eggers A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, after reoccurring raves from acquaintances.  I'm not quite sure what this title is about, but I'm excited to find out. Plus, for the $7.49 cents that I didn't have to pay, it's worth a risk. AND I still have $4.51 left on credit!

Grand total spent on TWO books: 1 dollar and 50 cents.  I'll take it.  :)

Photo of the day: Ardent reader? Spot on.


  1. I love second hand book shopping - what a perfect way to spend the day!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. For me, the first half of Lolita was more disturbing than the second. It's a very uncomfortable topic either way.

    Sam at Tiny Library

  2. I'm afraid I'm one of a tiny minority who despised a heartbreaking work....look forward to seeing what you make of it!

  3. @ Sam Book shopping is always fun!

    @ Lyndsey I've heard mixed reviews, so I'm going to brave it. I'll be posting, no doubt.


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