Thrifty Book Finds

Before I get into my thrifty find of the weekend, let me just say that I haven't posted in over a week, and feel a little guilty.  This weekend was another long-trip-during-a-short-period kind of ordeal, and I didn't have much time for reading or
blogging.  I travelled to Iowa to visit J's sister and watch her play some college basketball.  I had never been to Iowa so it was an experience.  I'm one of those souls that looks forward to the most boring of destinations with utmost impatience.  And I was certainly warned that Iowa wasn't much of anything. But I see beauty everywhere.
Needless to say, I enjoyed the downtown scene, watching K play ball and the 14-hour car ride with my sweetheart.

Plus, we had the opportunity to stop in Nashville, a city I had never visited, for the afternoon on our way back to Georgia on Sunday.

And that's precisely where my find comes in...

Upon arriving, J's stomach was rumbling (not surprising) but I had other plans. Instead of mapping restaurants in the area, I thought that if we found a used book store, we would surely find a neat little area to kick up our heels and take it all in.

Sure enough, we found a boutique-lined, urban section of Nashville, where Bookman Bookwoman bookstore was located.

Let me start by saying that I was enamored initially.  Books were so stuffed in each shelf that you literally had to pull back stacks in order to search for more.  The shelves were stocked to the ceiling with old copies, signed copies, first edition prints.  It was tight, and hard avoiding collision with almost every individual shopping in the store.

In a word: cozy.  I loved it.

What I didn't love: the prices.

Used copies that look battered and beaten aren't generally sold for 9.95 and up.  I found several ARC's, which also turned me off.  It's a college town; lots of people buy books, and the prices reflected that fact, which left me less than impressed.  The selection, while unmatched, harbored too many titles in poor condition at really high used prices.

However, I couldn't leave without getting something.  So, I walked away with this:

 Comfort Woman by Nora Okja Keller

I'll admit that I've never heard of this title; however, after reading the first few pages, I'm pretty sure it's going to be a pretty deep, depressing, eye-opening endeavor.

What I paid: $8.69

All-in-all it was a nice little stop and I got a new book out of the deal.  Plus, I got to go on an awesome road trip with the beauty and watch the autumn leaves float past my passenger side window so frequently that it was a blur of firelight.  Here are a few photos of the journey- here are a few ways to savor the dwindling days of brilliant warm hues against azure skies.  

*There's J ;) 

What are your thoughts on used book prices?  How much are you willing to pay for used books? In what condition do you expect them to be in? 


  1. Lovely photos - the trees are absolutely beautiful. Over here (London) they've finished the pretty autumn stage and are now just bare and wintry.

    I buy most of my books used from charity shops. I usually don't pay more than £3 (roughly $6 I think). I also order online from which links lots of second hand books from across the country. I've had a lot of 10p bargains from there! I'm not too fussy about condition as I like books that look like they've been loved a little bit.

  2. Sam- I'm definitely enjoying the Southern United States' remaining days of such a lovely fall landscape. It's actually my favorite time of year!

    I don't mind creasing and general wear when I purchase used books; however, weird spills, covers completely wrinkled and pages coming out are definite no-nos when I make a purchase. Generally, books in those condition are not sold in well-known used stores. To me, the 10 dollars was not worth a book that was falling apart; I felt that I could find something on Amazon for cheaper and better. I really like supporting independent stores, and that's really why it was so heartbreaking.


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