Another Lazy Sunday Edition

Oh, how I love Daylight Savings Time.  I awoke feeling like I could conquer the world.

After kissing my sweetheart goodbye, I put on soft music, opened the windows to let the sunshine in and proceeded to attempt a new recipe I recently found on a favorite blog of mine: smitten kitchen.

Things that made my lazy Sunday blissful:

I. Apple and Sharp White Cheddar Scones 

Begins with Three Organic Ambrosia Apples

Ends with Scones in a Bowl on my Dining Room Table

II. One Picnic-Two Sandwiches

III. Endless Color- A Bright Blue Sky- Trees Forever

IV. An Incredible Partner- An Early Birthday Present

Yes, he is perfect! ;)

What made you smile this weekend?  What memories will keep you smiling throughout the week? 

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