DIY: Holiday Gift Swap Craft Project

As I've said again and again, I really wanted to start to incorporate some of my other interests into this blog, namely: crafting and baking.  And I'm really hoping that bookworms following me enjoy the non-literary content, and might share their own adventures in creativity.

By the way, this post isn't completely non-bookish information; I started this particular project for the Book Swap Holiday Party with the informal reading group I host in Atlanta.

Last night, five of us met at my wonderful friend C's home and brought yummy treats, sipped on some wine and exchanged used books.  Since we had no idea who we'd be swapping with until we arrived and drew names out of a hat; I decided to create pretty, little name cards to add some spice! So, if you happen to be hosting a gift swap/ white elephant party and want a crafty idea-- here you go:

(Let me note that my craft table does look like the scattered mess that appears in the background of these photos.  Also, I'm trying really hard to use things around the house that I already have and should be using.

Step One.

Index Cards. Yep. I found an entire stack while emptying a storage box of old college work.  I didn't want to throw them away, and some weren't packaged any longer, so I thought they'd be perfect for this project. Scrap paper, cardboard and old bags can be substituted here.

Step Two.

Fold index cards in half.  Choose your favorite marker/pen (or rubbers stamps) to scribble party members' names into the inside of the card.

Step Three.

Decorate the inside of the card with a little something extra if you're feeling really creative.  I chose to use rubber stamps and an embossing gun (two of my most favorite friends).  

Step Four.

Use a hole punching device (preferably a pair that creates two parallel incisions) to create a place to seal the card, half-an-inch or less, close to the bottom.  

Step Five.

With thin ribbon laced through the openings tie a decorative bow to seal the card.

Step 6.  

Once you've finished your cards, find something to place them in that will make the project more unique and fun. I used a basket and some spare fabric I had lying around.  Flower pots, glass jars and ceramic jugs are all great ideas, too!  


All-in-all the process was super easy, and lots of fun!  Sure, the party would have been great without the  flair, but it was nice doing something a little extra!  

Oh, and did I mention that I baked some peppermint cupcakes, also? Yum!


  1. So pretty and so easy! You're so crafty :)

  2. Brenna- Thanks! It was really easy. I'll be posting another for gift tags later in the week! So much fun, really!


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