DIY: Holiday Gift Tag Craft Project

A couple of days ago, while rummaging through the kitchen storage drawer, I noticed that we had quite a number of brown paper bags from shopping excursions hidden behind the foil. Let me mention that I've recently developed distrust for the craft paper sold at major craft stores, but I've always loved that brown bag design feel. So I thought why not actually, I don't know, use a brown paper bag to create little tags for the gifts under my tree.

So, this is where you'll need to begin:

Step One.

Search high and low for a brown paper bag--you must have one somewhere!  Mine, pictured here, has already gone through one round of tag making.  

Step Two.

Cut blocks of paper out.  This can be done with whatever shape you is appropriate for your gift.  

Step Three.

Apply adhesive to the bottom of the strips and set. I use adhesive rolls, but double-sided tape or a glue stick would work. This reinforces the paper and makes it a little heavier so that you may decorate your pieces without fear of the paper deteriorating.

Step Four.

After the two sides have been glued together, cut small pieces of scrap paper to fit the brown paper back piece. I use scrap craft paper (the same paper so detested!), measuring and cutting accordingly.  

Step Five.  

Apply the scrap layer to the brown paper base so that you have a nice, little border.  Use a hole punch to allow you to thread ribbon or attach twine to the tag.

Step Six.

Use a marker or rubber stamp to personalize the tag.

Step Seven.

Thread ribbon through hole and attach to the gift.  Twine is also perfect for a more rustic, organic feel.


Here's to a simple tag fix that's much more personalized than anything you could buy at the store!

Feel free to share your unique wrapping/tagging ideas!  


  1. Oh I love this! I wish I had fancy stamps like you.

  2. Brenna- Thanks! If you ever buy some stamps and ink- go ahead an invest in an embossing gun and powder. It creates a raised, textured stamp and can be manipulated to create so many different looks.

  3. Looks so easy! I wish I had your handwriting. I don't think mine would go over quite as well.

  4. Thanks, Emily! You'll be amazed at the number of household items you just have around that can be used to decorate gifts. And I think you could probably make them just as pretty! You're creative :)

  5. These are adorable! I've already gotten my wrapping paper for this year, but I want to try this out for next year!


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