Snow Day Down South

Snow!  Oh how I love those glorious little white flakes that fall and melt and cover the streets so that I'm unable to drive to work; in turn, allowing me to spend an entire day doing whatever I like with my lovely boyfriend.

Yes, I love snow.
What Georgians call snow, anyway.

Interesting tidbit: Unlike small towns up north that have a couple of snow plows/salt trucks working when sleet coats the streets, the entire county of Dekalb, and possibly even Fulton (pretty huge counties in Georgia for those residing elsewhere), only have two working plows.  This means that when ice covers the roads, we don't drive.  Period.

Needless to say, this post won't be much about what I've been reading lately. Instead, I'd like to share some of the things I loved most about today.

1. Potatoes.  I love them.  The end. (garlic cloves, onion, basil, oregano, olive oil, cayenne pepper)

2. Breakfast Picnic in the living room.  Why? We thought it'd be fun.

3. Taking it all in.

4.  J's determination to get the ice off the car so that we could take a small spin around the neighborhood.

5. The neighborhood covered in a soft blanket.

6. Our cat, Stevie. Somber, and glued to the windowsill for most of the afternoon.

7. This pizza J made, from scratch, to fill our bellies.

Life is beautiful.

And guess what?!  We're off again tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day!! :) Love your breakfast picnic!

  2. This sounds like a great day! I have to say, I am definitely craving potatoes now!

  3. Sounds delightful! Enjoy your time at home!

  4. Lovely! It looks like you had a wonderful day. I'm a little jealous as it's been snowing here for the last 36 hours (lightly on and off but still adding up) and I'm back at work again. I suppose the plethora of snow plows we have in the Midwest makes that possible. Enjoy your time off!

  5. It has been lovely. Thanks! :) Yes, I do love living in an area that gets snow so rarely. It's a real treat.

  6. Your post made me hungry! Also, it was a good reminder to appreciate the beauty of snow... there is so much here that sometimes I forget to notice how beautiful it really is. Love your new blog header!

  7. LL- Thanks so much; I'm really proud of it! :) I said to my boyfriend that it's better to lose a little money on a paycheck than miss the opportunity to enjoy the weather and time spend at home with him. It was wonderful!


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