William Trevor's "A Day"

I'm not sure if I proclaimed my love of The New Yorker's Fiction Podcast. If not, here it is: I absolutely love The New Yorker Fiction Podcast.

There are a number of reasons I love this podcast. One, it's accessible (I have an iPhone), which makes it possible for me to listen while working, driving home from work or making meals in the kitchen. Not only is it incredibly easy to download and carry with me at all times; it's also entertaining and highly informative (I wouldn't expect anything less from The New Yorker). I can't cite the number of writers I've been introduced to through the program.

The New Yorker, as many of you may already know, publishes short stories in the magazine from talented and respected writers from all over the world.

The podcast features contemporary writers who have chosen a favorite short that has been featured in The New Yorker at some point in time. For many, this may have been a writer that inspired them particularly.  The writer reads the story, and discusses the plot-- the intricacies and beauty of the stories with NY's fiction editor, the brilliant, Deborah Treisman.

So, without saying more, hope you enjoy: Jhumpa Lahiri reads "A Day" by William Trevor

I’ve listened to this particular story again and again. Admittedly, I was unfamiliar with Trevor’s work and was drawn in because I saw the short had been chosen by Jhumpa Lahiri, a writer I happen to favor. I’m not using this post to critique the piece; instead, I'd like to ask you to listen or find the story in The New Yorker's archives, and post your opinions. 

"A Day" can also be found in Trevor’s collection After Rain.

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  1. I am going to have to look into this New Yorker fiction podcast. I've got an iphone as well and I feel like I am missing out on something awesome.

  2. I seriously recommend it. You'll even find Mr. Ferris narrating a story! ;0

  3. I am definitely going to have to look into this fiction podcast. Sounds awesome! Also, I wanted to pass on the "Stylish Blogger Award" to you.

  4. It's incredible; I can't stress this enough. Thanks for the award!


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