A Photo Post: Fun Birthday Cupcakes

It's been a busy Summer.  Sure, there's been stress, a lot of rain, and sad departures... but there's also been loads of fun activities, short trips out of town, and the excitement of decorating a super cute, new apartment.

So here's a little photo post to give you an idea of what this Summer's been like for me. I attended a birthday cookout for one of my lady friends a couple of weeks ago, and, of course, promised cupcakes.  She specifically requested a coconut-lemon combination, which I was more than happy to prepare.  However, I wanted them to REALLY stand out and be a bit more exciting since it was a BIRTHDAY bash.  With a little inspiration from some fab rainbow cakes I found via Pinterest, I decided to use a little food coloring and create cake and icing colors that would pop.


How's the season treating you?


  1. Cupcakes look great! Have you made rainbow cupcakes before? They are really fun to make and eat.

  2. You did such a great job with decorating the cupcakes. The colors really pop. Plus, they were so tasty! I really love the flag topper. Where did you get the cute paper?

  3. Those look fun and delicious!!! Mine never look that perfect.

  4. Sam,
    This was my first time doing multicolor cake-- it was so much easier than I had anticipated.

    Thanks! The paper was a gift from my grandmother--she keeps me stocked with craft supplies.

    You guys are too nice!


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