A Vacation in 21 Photos - Washington and Oregon

I've been MIA for quite sometime.  It's partially due to the fact that I had to move (ugh), it's summertime, I work too much... blah blah blah. It's also due to the fact that every spare moment I managed to find, I focused on devising my trip out to the Pacific Northwest with my honey.  Because it was my first time visiting this side of the United States I wanted to make the most of it.  And we did. Best. Vacation. Ever.

Just a note: We managed to drive over a 1,000 miles in 7 days.  We saw a lot.

Here's 7 days in 21 photos.  Hope you enjoy!








Want a list of great places to feast in Portland?  Want to hike in Washington?  Let me know and I'll send you over a list of places we absolutely adored.

Hope you enjoy! 
Now go out and plan an adventure of your own! 


  1. Beautiful photos! I haven't been to Oregon and Washington since I was a kid, but I remember it being incredibly beautiful. I'd love to go back sometime.

    And Powell's looks incredible! I'm jealous.

  2. Gorgeous! I've wanted to vacation in that area for a while, and now I want to even more!

  3. Rayna, I don't think I've seen an area quite so beautiful- and it was everywhere! Powell's was great; although, I didn't really explore it as much as I should have and kind of regret it now.

    Jennifer, Yes! You must get there soon. Washington was just so lovely. Portland is great, too!

  4. Beth, It looks like a fabulous trip! The scenery is to die for. Was that the bed and breakfast you were telling me about in the first photo? It looks just lovely.

  5. Brenna, It was! That is the bed and breakfast. Because I only allowed 3 pictures per day as to not overwhelm my viewers, I didn't get to include photos of the beautiful garden on the property. It was breathtaking!

  6. That is fantastic! I've been wanting to visit the Pacific Northwest and now I want to even more. Looks like you had a wonderful time. :)

  7. Lorren, Yes, you must get out there. I certainly enjoyed myself every single minute!

  8. Those photos are beautiful! That first picture is one of the most picturesque houses I think I've ever seen.

  9. The Pacific Northwest looks so beautiful. I'm British and visited America for the first time for my honeymoon this summer. We did the South-East/ Deep South and now I'm wishing we could have stayed for longer and did other places too!

  10. Red, Yes- It was a surprise bed and breakfast trip that my boyfriend got me with the day we landed. It was beautiful!

    Sam, Yes! I know-- you visited my home city, Atlanta! I know you had a blast. The Pacific Northwest must be heaven on earth. Seriously!

  11. Beth, I was actually born in Portland and my family lived out there in the 80's. The pictures of Lloyd Center and Multnomah Falls looked particularly familiar. Looks you had a lot of fun!

  12. What gorgeous photos. It looks like you had an awesome time. Such beautiful scenery as well.

  13. These are absolutely gorgeous! You did a great job capturing a whole vacation in so few pictures. I'm particularly fond of the cute B&B...looks so picturesque.

    Both cities sound spectacular, but did you have a favorite?

  14. Brent, Lucky guy! I would love to live out there!! Perhaps I'll call it home in the near future. And we definitely had a good time. Thanks!

    Diane, Yes, and thank you!

    Jenna, I'll have to tell you all about the B&B the next time I see you- Justin was quite the sneaky guy. It was gorgeous! I would say that I enjoyed Portland way more than Seattle, but the park was our favorite part of the whole trip! :) Thanks!


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