Snacks from Scratch - Homemade Cheez-Its

This blog kind of turned into all the things that take up my free time.  Hey, you guys must reap the benefits sometimes. I hope, anyway.

A week ago, J and I went on a little Midwest adventure to visit family and take a mini-vacation before returning to the routine.  We drove from Atlanta to Illinois and then back again in the of span 5 days.  We stopped in Chicago (my first visit!) and Louisville before the grand finale: Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee.  It was fantastic.  J + the road + singalongs + open fields + new destinations. What's not to love? To make the trip a little better (and to save a little $$) I decided to pack up some goodies, made in our very own kitchen, to satiate J's need for delicious snacks while driving 11 hours.  Eek!  (This especially works if you're trying to clean out the fridge or cupboard before taking off for a bit.)

I'd love to call this one my own. Sadly, I'm relegated to saying that I can bake them fantastically, but certainly didn't think this one up.  If you don't follow The Cozy Kitchen, please take a moment after reading to take a peek. You will thank me.

Homemade Black Pepper Cheez-Its

Way easy.  And SO much better than that big red box you pick up at the grocery store.  If you love to bake, you have to try them.  I give you my word.


  1. Those Cheez-Its were amazing as a little pre dawn snack. I'm sorry I ate most of them before that sun rose. More to come, please?

    Hopefully there will be many, many more "AMAZING" lyrics to sing along to and laugh at, and let us hope that your certain brand of improvisational Beatle's lyrics never loses it's ability to induce uncontrollable laughter. Maybe this weekend we can revisit that?

  2. TOTALLY gonna try them. I made another cracker recipe for my son a few weeks ago that SUCKED. This one looks like it does not suck.

  3. Andi,

    They were so delicious. I almost want to compare them to cheese straws; although, I'm not generally a fan of the things. Let me know if you try them!

  4. J,
    To respond to your wonderful comment, I love finding these snacks because I think about the smile that spreads on your beautiful face! Hope you enjoy them and all the others down the road...


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