A Post: Weekly Reads / 03.07.2016

Today's post is more a celebration of the weekend because I missed the natural light for Monday's photo post and really hate artificial light for personal projects, so apologies.

J and I attended the grand opening for Pilsen Community Books in Chicago on Saturday. Beautiful store with so much charm, offering a meticulously assembled collection of used books for sale (you actually couldn't even tell most of the books were used). The delicious bonus was coffee and donuts from a local bakery. Nom. Picked up two nonfiction titles (shown below) and can't wait to visit again.

Took a million pictures.

Stopped in a small bakery with giant windows and sturdy wooden tables for a slice of buttered sourdough toast and a cup of English breakfast tea before heading over to a tiny plant shop that had the most beautiful hanging ceramic planters. Swoon.

Also fell in love with the Pilsen neighborhood (my husband, pictured below, was so thrilled to be my mural model, ha!).  If you're in Chicago, you have to visit the area-- so much to see (and eat and buy and on and on and on).

New Books

Ended the night with a photoshoot with two creative directors for my photography series called the The Creative Stories Project. All and all, a good weekend even if I didn't get to read as much as I would've liked.

In the Book Department:

Finished  The Queen of the Night  earlier this week and was a little disappointed with the story, overall. Very short review to come.

Almost done with Colm Toibin's Brooklyn and think it's pretty ok.

Currently staring down a very large pile of library books and trying to decide what to start next. Decisions.

What are you reading? 


  1. Hooray for finding a new bookstore! When it gets a bit warmer here, I hope to venture out and find some around here other than our beloved Barnes and Noble.

    The library stack always makes for a tough decision. I tend to go by due date or just pick one at random and see if it sticks!

    1. Ugh.. I am the worst with library books. I generally get every hold in at once or I go and pick up like 30 books, knowing I won't be able to finish them all.

  2. A new bookstore - hurrah! Sounds like a great place :) I've heard of Pilsen. My dad's aunt's family lives there and my sister used to do volunteer work there when she was an undergrad at Chicago. It definitely sounds like a neat place to visit. Loved your photos! Enjoy the new books!

    1. Thank you!

      I loved it! And the bookstore was so nice.


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