A Post: Weekly Reads / 03.14.2016

After driving almost twelve hours, braving zero visibility due to fog and torrential downpour, I've finally arrived home, in Atlanta, and will be visiting family and friends for the next week. This means I probably won't get much reading done, but packed ALL the books just in case. I've got about 100 pages of Wuthering Heights left, and completed just over 50% of Unbroken, after listening on audio, on the drive down. The latter is so incredibly good, but also heartbreaking. I'm also scanning this travel book (pictured above with my scratch map): Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travel: Our List of the 500 Best Places on the Planet - Ranked, while dreaming of where I'll go next.

Really planning to post the reviews of The Improbability of Love, The Brontë Plot, and The Queen of the Night before the year is over. Swear it.

What are you reading?


  1. Where did you find that scratch map? So neat!

    I LOVED Unbroken on audio. Heartbreaking and emotional, but so fascinating. And Edward Herrmann's narration is the best. I just started Quiet by Susan Cain on audio, and am finishing up a re-read of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Both great!

    1. Sorry for the delay! I actually got it from a friend for my birthday but she said she got it at PaperSource. So I'd try there!

      The audio was INCREDIBLE. Probably the best audio I've ever listened to. I'm looking for new audio so I'll add Quiet to the list. Thanks!

  2. I hear you on the reviews. I finally sat down this week and wrote a book I read several months ago. Whoops.

    I hope you have a great time visiting everyone!

  3. I loved Wuthering Heights! Hope you are enjoying it :) I gave my dad a copy of Unbroken and he is reading it now and loving it. Such a great story! And I know what you mean about posting reviews. I've read some great books, but didn't post a review for any of them. Sometimes, I'm just not in the mood. Some books are just meant to be enjoyed not reviewed - at least that's what I tell myself when I don't want to post anything. Have fun visiting everyone!!

    1. Ugh. It's such a struggle sometimes -- or, in my case, all the time. Ah!

      I'm liking Wuthering Heights but got pulled away with Girl at War, so I really need to get back. I can appreciate it but Catherine and Heathcliff drive me nuts! The worst characters.


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